Volunteers Fighting For The Ukrainian People

We are donating our time and safety for something bigger than ourselves,
We are donating these luxuries and life saving equipment to those that have none...

The people of Ukraine.

Please help us in our mission by Donating to SWFL Warriors.
Every $2 donated pays for us to transport 1lb of Life Saving Gear & Equipment!

YES... We Know... Alex is ugly.
Shea & Alex
We are both long time friends, and 2 Southwest Florida residents that feel we have been called upon to help the nation of Ukraine.

We are leaving our families and children behind to help the Ukrainian people in this horrible time. We are going to attempt to chronicle our journey through this website so you can see first hand what we have accomplished. 
Any aid that we can afford to give we will, up to and including our lives. We have already geared up as much as we can afford and we are now calling on our community to help assist our efforts in Ukraine finacially.

"War does not determine who is right - only who is left."

God bless the USA. God bless Ukraine.
Illuminated Street in Kharkiv