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Making new friends!

Today was an Interesting day for us so far. It is about 7:30pm right now. We just started the first leg of a journey that will take us to where we will go next. The Family in the pic above treated us very nicely. They picked us up from the airport had food prepared for us (we did not eat it cause we ate right before we got to their house), and of course gave us the great tasting coffee we talked about during the Facebook live.

We had to pack a certain way for the airplane so today we reconfigured our gear and set it up the way we find it most effective. We got our 3 day packs ready (bug out bag).

Meeting contacts that you have never talked to when going into a place like this is a little sketchy. We did a few calls to make sure that the person was who he said he was.

Just stopped stopped at McDonald's for coffee and a burger.

Testing out our night vision and gps systems to make sure everything is working correctly.

Signing out for now -Shea

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