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Our arrival into a war zone.

We arrived at the place we were sleeping after a 33 hour Journey From Cape Coral, Florida to somewhere in Ukraine. Our Driver a military man was awesome. Even though he speaks broken English, however between him and our translater app we learned a ton about the Ukrainian ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ culture.

Our Journey through the border of Poland and Ukraine was eventful in itself our driver in poland had to flag someone down and convince them to drive us across the border otherwise he would of had to sit in a line of traffic that resembles i4 on a really bad day just to get back in to poland. We hitched a ride on a bus that was headed into Ukraine to pick up refugees. On the bus was a few other people those people and the border guards we met in poland and Ukraine were super thankful for our arrival one even called us heroes.(I disagree)

Once through customs we met our contact inside Ukraine we asked him if we could stop for a bathroom break. He stopped at the first gas station which looked closed to me. This is where we learned that because of the airstrikes they turn off all the lights to make them a harder target as alot of border crosings have been targeted to prevent aid from getting in.

Our drive through Ukraine included a lot (dont want to say exact number to help hide our location) of checkpoint stops where they verified that we were allowed to be out past curfew and that all our paperwork was correct. At one of these checkpoints is we're Alex got his nick name he talked about earlier.

We arrived at our place to stay at 5:30 am and we met our contacts family and friend's who's house we are currently staying at along with a few refugees. We only got about 3.5 hours of sleep before starting the day which I will tell you about in our next post.

Signing out -Shea

P.S. please forgive my grammer and spelling as I am doing this on a small phone.

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