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Supply List For Ukraine Defense Legion

This is a quick required list of gear that we would strongly recommend having with you to go help in the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Legion, DO NOT assume you will be issued all the gear you need to survive (I apologize for the morbidity but this is extremely serious if you want to survive). DO NOT CHEAP OUT ON YOUR REQUIRED GEAR. Buy quality equipment, war is not cheap, neither is your life.


Wool Socks (Minimum 7 pair)

Boxer Brief Underwear (7 Days worth, moisture-wicking is my preference)

Thermal Active Underwear long sleeve and long johns

Softshell Jacket (Wind, Rain, Snow)

Beanie Cap/Watch Cap

Balaclava/Gator (Moisture wicking material and fleece)

Ballistic Eye Protection

Civilian Clothes 1 - 2 pair

Watch (Avoid smartwatches, recommend Solar Garmin Instinct Solar is Great)

Battery Pack & Solar Charger for Phones etc

Flashlight & Headlamp with Red Light function


Water Container with lid

IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) Trauma Supplies and Tourniquets

Ear Protection (Foamies, Surefire, Electronic Muffs, Helmet mounted etc)

Plate Carrier/Armor System (5.45 or 7.62x39 rated, AP rounds used over there. Recommend Level IV. Pouch Setup is your decision) More on PPE and Pouches down below.

Helmet IIIA Rating or Higher, this is less for bullets and more for debris and bumping your head. (Ops Core, Team Wendy. Etc)

Tactical/Hunting/Hiking/Military Boots (Make sure these are broken in BEFORE you go. (Your feet are your most reliable and immediate form of transportation.)

Write in the Rain Notepad with Pencils and Ballpoint Pens

Compass (Lensatic, and Baseplate types)

Moleskin (Felt bandage for blisters, MUST HAVE)

Baby wipes (Shower in the field, you must keep a certain level of hygiene)

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

3 Day Assault Pack with Water Bladder

Ruck Sack (With a waterproof inner bag for things that must be kept dry)


Sleeping System With Waterproof Layer (Sub Zero Temps)

Wallet & Passport (You will need to sleep with these items, they do not ever leave your first line equipment such as your pant or shirt pocket. recommend slimming your wallet down and get a zip lock bag for both these items. if you lose them you are in trouble.)

Cash: This is something you will have to determine for yourself on what is enough, currently you can exchange currency with no problems ONLY in Ukraine. Greenbacks are good anywhere in a pinch, do not put all your eggs in one basket if you catch my drift. This will also be on your first line, never to leave your immediate possession


Uniform: 1 Set Multicam (Highly recommend Crye Precision G3 or G4 All Weather Combat Top and Bottom with Knee pad and Elbow Pad Inserts)



GPS With Texting Function and/or Sat Phone


PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Plate Carrier: If you can afford a better load-bearing carrier you will definitely want it, Crye AVS with Harness, First Spear Strandhogg just to name a couple. Standard plate carriers work just the same, Spiritus Systems, Crye Precision, First Spear, Ferro Concepts, and many more. I would recommend avoiding super slick Plate Carriers, you will most likely be carrying a lot of magazines (AK and/or AR) and I would recommend sticking to standard molle webbing, not placards, you want to be able to carry a full combat load and still be able to get low to the ground. Try to find closed top magazine pouches to keep dirt and debris out of your mags.

Armor: Shoot for Level IV (Pun Intended) we had 7.62 NATO MG3s with Black Tip AP rounds, assume other combatants will as well.

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